History - CIOS and USSTAF

Different Allied Intelligence Services (BIOS - British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee / CIOS - Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee / FIAT - Field Information Agency, Technical /JIOA - Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency) were involved, after the Normandy landings, in making reports about the level of development of German industry and research, especially concerning important areas important to the enemy war effort.

The CIOS teams discovered sites of extreme interest to the Allies in the Thuringia area especially, including "Mittelbau-Dora" and "REIMAHG". These were inspected and evaluated by the CIOS.

Thuringia, by the Potsdam Agreement, as of July 1945 had to be handed over to the Soviet Union, so there was great pressure due to time constraints to ensure that as many documents and information was found as soon as possible.

CIOS Team No.163, under the command of Colonel Cook was responsible for Kahla. The installations were given detailed attention in a very extensive report.