History - Germanic ritual area

Numerous finds prove the existence of ancient settlements in the Saale Valley, dating from the Middle Palaeolithic period. (300,000 to 35,000 B.C.)
The Germanic tribe of the Hermunduri (First mentioned around 400), from which the later tribal association of the "Thüringer" originates, had its main settlement area in the Middle Elb-Saale area. It can be assumed that they settled in the fertile ground of Grosseutersdorf and erected the cultural site on the Walpersberg.

Dedicated to the Germanic god "Odin", "Oudenesdorf" or "Oudenstorf" means "the village of Odin" or "Odin`s village".
The majority of objects found in the Grosseutersdorfer area are from the Lausitzer culture (7th to 15th century). The ceramic and bronze finds are relics from ancient burial sites. The numerous cups and mugs found are especially interesting.

This sandstone covered region, was ideally suited to the construction of graveyards. (Dr. K.Peschel, University Jena)