History - "REIMAHG" hospital in the Hummelshain Castle

Due to the fact that the medical situation in the different camps around the Walpersberg Mountain deteriorated, the "REIMAHG" organisation decided to built its own hospital.

The hospital was initially planned for the normal workers of the "REIMAHG" but would not have been finished, at the earliest, until October 1945.

Therefore, it was decided to rent the former hunting castle in Hummelshain, owned by the Vogel publishing company in Pößneck.

In the Castle`s park, barracks were built for the numerous foreign workers. They can still be seen today.

The medical situation steadily deteriorated from day to day, and even in the barracks themselves people were dying. The German Red Cross nurses could only try to comfort the dying.

With the arrival of the Americans, the hospital continued to function as a "Displaced Persons" hospital until August 1945.

Today, a small memorial stone that was taken from the debris of the "REIMAHG" and which remembers the victims, stands in the castle park.

The castle itself can still be visited today. (